Ramp up Your Personal Style

Have you succumbed to a style rut? Are you still wearing the same sweatpants from college and sporting the same hair style as you were in high school? With the constant barrage of style advice from nearly every media outlet, it can be so intimidating to discern your own style, it’s no wonder that you’ve retreated to wearing your throw-back comfort clothes. Get back to basics with these recommendations from the style experts to uncover your personal fashion style.

The most important items you can wear every day are a quiet self-confidence and genuine smile. These items alone will ramp up any outfit. Make an appointment for an extended consultation and cut with your hair stylist. Browse magazines before-hand to get an idea of options for new styles. Your stylist will help you define a style that works with your hair type, facial features and lifestyle. Next, head to one of the larger department stores and enjoy a session with a professional cosmetologist. New make-up application techniques can go a long way to highlighting your best features.

Finally, go through your wardrobe with a ruthless eye towards discarding, donating or consigning items you’ve not worn in several years. Don’t torture yourself by hanging on to items that no long fit under the false notion that you’ll wear them once you loss those last five pounds.  Get back to basics with classic selections and value offered by Nordstroms using money saving Groupon coupons. Select a classic jacket or blazer in a darker, solid color, which can move from daytime to evening wear. One of the simplest, and least expensive, ways to ramp up your personal style is by the addition of fashion accessories. Scarves, fun jewelry and handbags can all jazz up any basic outfit. Avoid the temptation to purchase clothes too large or too small in an effort to camouflage your perceived flaws or highlight your assets. This typically backfires and results in the opposite effect. Best of luck to you on your journey to define and ramp up your personal style!

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