What You Can Expect to See at Santiago’s Markets

You cannot visit Santiago without visiting one of the outstanding local markets in the area. These markets are essential to the culture and the economy in Chile. After you spend time exploring the city through one of the free tours of Santiago, you should head to the markets to do some shopping.

While Santiago also has plenty of street vendors, a trip to the markets is a must. You will not leave the markets empty handed, so plan to buy some local produce, some fresh fish, and some hand-crafted goods. To find the best markets, ask your Strawberry Tours of Santiago guide for suggestions.

Amazing Food

If you head to one of the food markets, you should expect your senses to be overwhelmed in the best way possible. The aromas will make you instantly hungry, so you will be incredibly happy to know the markets sell food that is ready to eat as well as fresh produce and seafood. For example, you can try empanadas while you observe the rare seafood at Central Market, which was listed as one of the top ten food markets in the world.

Hand-Crafted Goods

For tourists looking for special souvenirs, you should visit one of the markets known for selling hand-crafted goods by local artisans. When you purchase goods from these local vendors, you are supporting the people of Santiago and taking home something unique you cannot find anywhere else. For beautiful Chilean gifts such as jewelry and weavings, you should head to Los Dominicos Artisans Village.

Live Music & Entertainment

Finally, tourists will be delighted to find the trip to the market is an exciting experience – and not simply because of the goods available for purchase. Often, the markets are filled with live music and entertainment making your shopping even more enjoyable.

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