10 Spectacular Long Layered Hairstyles for a Bold New Style

Long Layered Haircuts have been around for ages. And they are here to stay! However, if you are tired of the same old look, we are here to help! There are so many ways to style long layered locks that you will never run out of options.

With all of the modern color teachings, the possibilities for funky and fresh styles for haircuts for long hair with layers are endless! If you add some highlights, babylights or lowlights you can add a multifaceted tone to your trees. As well, there are hundreds of looks for ombre and balayage styles for long hair

Check out our favorite new looks for long layered hairstyles and get ready for an awesome new look this season!

10 Bold and Beautiful Long Layered Haircuts

  1. Bewitching Blonde Ombre Cascading Curls

Do you want to rock your curly locks? This stunning blonde ombre that fades from a dirty blonde to a gorgeous platinum blonde will make you feel as though you just stepped off the runway. Stop ‘em dead in their tracks with this sexy long layered curly cut!


  1. Long Sleek Sexy Dark Layers

Want a look that’s so glamorous that it simply oozes sex appeal? this starigh layed cut is very sophisated and ssexy. the deep dark chocolate color is stunning. Part you hair in the middle and run a flat iron through your locks to add make sure the long layers are extra sleek and shiny!


  1. Dark Roots with Platinum Blonde Tips

There are so many options for blonde ombre and this look is one of the best we have seen for long layered locks! The dark roots and platinum blonde ends and face framing layers are so pretty and elegant. The long flowing curls give this layered cut extra volume and lustre.


  1. Pretty Pink Beachy Waves

Pink hair is super girly and chic. It is also quite trendy these days. This soft pink color almost resembles freshly spun cotton candy. The sexy beach waves give this long layered style an extremely playful vibe if you want to make them go weak in the knees.


  1. Chestnut Brown, Caramel and Honey Blonde Balayage

Want to leave them speechless when you walk into a room? This stunning combo of chestnut brown, caramel and honey blonde hues are the perfect balayage look. The layers and color hues add a ton of volume and movement to this gorgeous long layered cut!


  1. Black and Brown Highlights

The darker tones in this style are striking. The deep black and dark brown hues are so subtle but so stunning in the sunlight. The  big,bouncy curls that cascade down your back are so becoming.


  1. Buttery Blonde Voluminous Waves

There are so many gorgeous shades of blonde this season and this soft buttery blonde with honey and platinum hues is no exception. Ask your stylist for varying medium to long layers to make this sexy haircut have as much volume as you can handle. This look is worth the cost of a salon blowout for a special occasion, but is just as pretty if you do it yourself.


  1. 80’s Style Curls For a Retro Chic Look

The 1980s were the epitome of high sexy hair. And that look is making a comeback, albeit a bit more subtle! This full and shiny black curly long layered haircut is a perfect throwback to the 80s ‘do with a modern twist. We dare you to try this sassy and voluminous look! This look will make Wonder Woman green with envy! Show ‘em there’s a new superhero in town!


  1. Sexy Multifaceted Layered Cut

The colors in this long layered styles are positively breathtaking. The combo of soft blonde shades and darker brown tones is brilliant. The colors almost resemble a geode. Start with dark tips and fade to a pale light blonde at the tips. Add some soft bouncy waves at the tips for a look that says you’re ready for anything life has to offer!


  1. Icy Blonde Babylights

This blonde ombre long layered look is out of this world. The dirty blonde roots and icy blonde babylights give his look so much depth and dimension. The long layers will give you some added fullness. If you want to bring out your inner blonde movie star, this look is waiting for you!


So do you think you have the guts to try one of these sultry long layered haircuts? We think it’s time for a change! These are our favorite looks for long layers and now you know why, These sexy styles will make you feel like a movie star. So are you waiting for? Get out there and get your groove on with one of these mesmerising new styles!

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