4 Toxic ingredients which should be strictly avoided while selecting skin care products

Did you ever take a quick look at the different ingredients that are listed behind the skin care products which you choose? Once you take a quick look at the ingredients which constitute your skin care products, you will end up being a little bit confused. You won’t have ever heard the names of those chemical ingredients and hence you may even feel pretty frustrating and irritated to get a clean idea of what they are and how they may affect your skin.

Since it’s natural that you won’t know how such chemical ingredients work on your skin, we have tried to make a list of the harmful chemicals that you should strictly avoid using on your skin. Let’s take a look at the list.

#1: Parabens

Did you just order your daily moisturizing cream from www.skincareheaven.com? If answered yes, did you check whether or not it contains Parabens? Well, these are used to prevent mold, yeast and bacteria from growing in these products. Though you may feel that it is indeed a great idea, yet you’ll rather be surprised to know that this ingredient boosts the risk of breast cancer among females and also leads to hormonal imbalances.

#2: Benzophenone

As you get to know about these ingredients, you will just be alarmed to know the large list of harmful chemicals which are used in skin care products which claim to take care of your skin and health. You can find this in sunscreens as it has the characteristic of absorbing UV light before it lets it damage your skin. But did you know that Benzophenone can also cause cancer and damage your cells? PABA, Avobenzone and Ethoxycinnamate are some other chemicals to avert in sunscreens.

#3: Phthalates

This is yet another very common ingredient which lets plastics remain softer and more flexible. But it is sad enough to note that this too, like Parabens, is linked to causing breast cancer. Moreover, they are even responsible for causing defects during birth in both genders and can also lead to early development of breasts in girls.

#4: Triclosan

You will find this ingredient mostly in anti-bacterial deodorants, soaps and also in toothpaste. This specific chemical is popular for interfering with different reproductive hormones and thyroid. Researchers are of the opinion that triclosan can play a role in making bacteria resistant to antibiotic and hence you should leave it on the shelf whenever you see this.

So, if you’re wondering about the different ways in which end up choosing the right skin care products, you should take into account the above mentioned harmful chemicals and steer clear from them.