Tips for Dressing Perfectly for Your Body Type

Every woman’s body is unique in its own way. Some carry more weight up top, some in the middle, some on the bottom, and some throughout multiple areas. This can make trying to dress frustrating as there are so many different clothing choices out there. Today, we’re going to help you determine what the best dressing tips are to ensure your body looks good in the clothes you wear.

The Pear-Shaped Body 

The pear-shaped body is one where the waist and hip region is larger than the bust. Ladies who fall into this body shape category should focus on bringing attention to the upper half of their bodies. This can be accomplished by wearing slimming or fitted tops, cardigans, and button-downs. When purchasing dresses, you should always opt for one with an embellished neckline that demands attention. Jackets, vests, and other layering attire work perfectly for pear-shaped figures as they allow for a more even look when accompanying the larger lower section of the body. Larger necklaces can also help to bring people’s attention upward.

The Hourglass-Shaped Body 

The hourglass-shaped body is one with a well-defined waist and curvy figure. These individuals tend to have similar hip and bust measurements. The golden rule to follow when dressing this type of body is to keep your bust and hips looking the same size. Don’t try to overdo the bust as it will look extremely disproportional to the rest of your body. You should opt for fitted clothing that accentuates the smaller area of your waist. Using a belt is another way to help define the waist region and split up your bust and hips.

The Apple-Shaped Body 

These ladies tend to carry most of their weight in the bust region and mid-section. The trick to dressing appealingly with an apple-shaped body is to draw attention away from your mid-section. It’s best to avoid high-cut shirts, low shorts, and wearing any attire that cuts off the fabric at your mid-section. To emphasize the upper region of your body, V-necks, A-line dresses, and plunging necklines are a must. These provide attention at the top and allow for fabric expansion at the waist, as you can see at Own The Look. When it comes to the bottoms, you should opt for high-rise jeans and flared bottoms.

The Rectangle-Shaped Body 

Also referred to as the athletic build, the rectangle-shaped body is one where weight is evenly distributed throughout the body with no prominent curves. The shoulders and hips tend to be near the same measurement. If you have this type of body, your main goal with clothing is going to be to create curves. Scoop-neck shirts and tops with collars on them will help to provide more curves at the chest. When it comes to pants, you can get away with almost any style. Remember to try and keep them looking lean and long. Wearing a belt around the waist can give the illusion of an hourglass body and assist in adding curves.

Once you identify your specific body shape, you can start to discover what clothing flatters your body the most. It’s important to remember the main goal of dressing the female body is to accentuate the curves. By following the tips above, you’ll be sure to make your curves stand out in a flattering way.


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