What are some popular massage therapies for the beautification of the eyes?

Eyes are the most precious and most lively part of the body, a real asset in every kind as the beauty of all the objects in nature is subjected to the way we see them. Not only is the vision the blessing that links to the eyes, but the beautiful eyes themselves are also a great vision to look. Taking proper care of the eyes is very important so that you can see well and enjoy thoroughly. Also, you need to make an appropriate consideration of the eyes, so you do not lose their beauty.

Eye massage therapies recently become very popular for getting rid of stress to make the eyes more awake and more beautiful. Here we have gathered some great tips that will help you understand how and when you need to massage your eyes.

Simple and easy to follow massage tips for you!

  1. Choose a comfortable spot of your house. Now lie down and close your eyes. With the help of your index finger start massaging and circling the eye socket upwards and inwards. Continue this practice for around ten more times and then repeat it at least three times a week. You will notice that you will feel less stressed and more relaxed even with the first attempt of it.
  2. Take a few drops of olive oil in your hand and start massaging the lids with the help of it. Start from the upper-pressure point and come downwards till the end of the lash. This massage is not only soothing but also a solution for those who ask do eyelashes grow back.
  3. With the help of your finger, circle the inner pressure point below the eyebrow to relieve the stress there and keep moving from there to the inner eye. It is an excellent tip for massaging the eye as it helps release all the tension that is getting accumulated in your forehead area.
  4. Now using your thumb, exert pressure on the center of the inner eye. It is the place where exactly your lid begins. You will repeat this practice at least five times in a row and thrice every week.
  5. The last tip for massage is to press the area right behind your eyes on your skull at the back of the head. Press it with the help of both index fingers and exert a little pressure. Make sure not to press too hard as this is a sensitive area, and too much trouble could make you feel dizzy. Repeat this exercise 5 times.


We all know that the stress tends to affect the eyes the most. These simple massage tips are a sure shot solution to busting your weight and relieve you of all the anxiety. All you have to make sure is to continue practicing it with determination, and you will find the results quicker than you have thought.