Air condition service should have to be in fewer prices

In general when an air condition is not working, owner is calling an air condition service, the service charges him huge price. Owner at once decides to hire the same service center for the next time. The service charge should have to be nominal and affordable aircon servicing, otherwise the customer is always looking for the nominal charge service provider. The major service center with thousands of customers always charging low amount for their service, because, this kind of service is buying more spare products and in the wholesale price, and that is the reason the service center is able to provide their service at the very reasonable price. Even the customers are hiring such service for long term contract, because it is hard to find such a cheap service provider. The service provider is also happy to add that customer in the service list. Once in a month the service would be done to that customer, and taking signature of the customer to confirm the service done to the customer. When there is a very big problem the service takes the air condition to their place, and doing the service, read more on aircon servicing, in their work shop all the service engineers are checking the product for one or two days, at the working condition after repairing the system. Once all the service engineers are happy with their service, then at this time placing the system at the customer’s place.


There would not be any reason to get air condition in repair condition, all it depends how the customer is maintaining the system. If any of the available customer is running the system for continuous two days, he should switch of his air conditioner the reason is for the long time running, the heat is produced by the air condition, a small break is necessary to exit the heat, of course the machine has the exit places to reduce the heat, but for continues running the above exit gate would not be working well. Ant that is the reason a small break is being required at least for an half an hour the break is required, read more on aircon repair at this kind of maintenance the system would be working long time without any repair.