Chic Pink and White Nails Designs

Many varieties of pink and white nails designs are available for you to choose from. The decision of selecting the design that compliments your looks and personality squarely lies with you. Your final nail art design will make your friends compliment you because of your new gorgeous look.

Understanding the different nail art trends is therefore imperative. To make the task of selecting these designs easy for you, we have some of the cute pink and white nails designs for your consideration. We hope these ideas will really inspire you.


  1. Penguin Nail Design

You can make your nails stand out by painting them white and giving them a finish with white and black shades in a penguin shape. This design will rock your moods when you are stressed up.

  1. Glitter Nail Art

You can use your nails to reveal various emotions. For instance, you can do so by putting a tag like love. Including glitter is another excellent way to add allure to your look. These pink and white nails designs are ideal for all events.

  1. White Stones Nail Art Design

This fascinating design can be achieved by starting on the entire base by applying either pink or white paint and then engraving small white stones following a straight line to come up with a unique and fresh look.

  1. Floral Nail Art

If you are wondering which nail design to match with your floral party dress, this is an ideal design for you. First, apply pink shade painting on your nails and leave your fourth figure. Then apply a white colour and draw some unique flowers on it.

  1. Crystal Nail Art

Did you know you can also try 3D art on your nails? It may look challenging, but it isn’t. Just paint white and pink on alternate fingers and put stones diagonally.

  1. Simple Baby Pink Nail Design

Baby pink is soft and girlish. You can make it amazing by marking white lines in the middle of the nail. It is a suitable design for workshops and official meetings.

  1. Matte Effect Nail Design

One of the gorgeous designs you can experiment with is the combination of white and half pink. It is suitable nail art to wear for formal events. You can have them layered in halves with varying patterns such as rounded-shaped or squire.

  1. White Paisley Nail Design

This nail design is very common during the spring season. First, you should have the base of the nails painted in pink and then draw some white paisley flowers on the nails to give it a wow factor.

  1. Catty Nail Art

They look stunning on the pink base tips. You can draw dots on the entire nail with a dotting tool to make your catty attractive with mustaches.

  1. Elegant Nail Design

You can forget pink and white nails designs and go solo white design for your nails. It is a professional look and an excellent choice for formal events.